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Kurt and Blaine have been married for a few years when Kurt gets into an accident and ends up in a coma. He’s in a coma for awhile, and Blaine has to seriously consider pulling the plug, because he knows Kurt isn’t really living, and the doctors say the chances of him coming out of it are very slim. 

Blaine is almost ready to do it when Kurt comes out of his coma. 

But when Blaine is finally able to see Kurt, Kurt doesn’t recognize him. Kurt is upset and asking for his dad. After several tests, the doctors tell Blaine that Kurt has amnesia and his last memories are from when he was 14. He doesn’t even remember coming out.



Also, from what we’ve heard, there is something major in the very beginning of the episode and something major at the very end.


Roadrunner sent over news that Young The Giant’s hit single “Cough Syrup” will be featured in the opening scene of the winter finale of Glee.


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If I wrote in chronological order then I would technically be close to posting the stripper!Kurt :P