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Fic: Sexting, Klaine

Prompted by anon.

Rating: M

Words: 1,500~

Warnings: blowjobs, handjobs, unrealistically long sexts

Summary: Kurt decides to find new, creative ways to stay awake in class.

Notes:All spelling mistakes in Blaine’s texts are purposeful – for once, they aren’t the result of my awful ability to proof read. (Any spelling mistakes outside of Blaine’s text are a result of my inability to proof read :D)


Kurt had a new favourite game.

It started with Mrs Hagberg’s fall down the stairs that landed the sixty-something year old teacher in hospital with a broken leg and a strict order not to return to work for at least a month. Her substitute was a seventy year old man named Mr Stevens whose lessons were so dull that the entire class was under a hazy stupor within five minutes of the lesson beginning. He was also possibly the most oblivious teacher Kurt had ever witnessed, even if the entire class were sprawled across their desks asleep, he would continue with his monotonous lectures on exponentials without giving a single reprimand.

For the rest of the students, math merely provided a relaxing hour to catch up on the sleep they had missed out on over the weekend. For Kurt, who needed top grades in everything to make up for his lack of extracurriculars on his NYADA application, Mr Stevens’ lessons were torture because he of the inner struggle to stay awake. It took him three lessons to realise that merely ordering his eyes to remain open wasn’t going to work; by the end of each math class, he was invariably slumped over his desk using his blank notebook as a pillow.

And so he started getting creative.

It started with doodling. Kurt’s work became progressively more colourful as each lesson he would spread his pens across the desk and in between every point Mr Stevens made, he would add another heart, rainbow, stickman, whatever, into the margins.

Eventually, however, the appeal of that wore off and Kurt was left with long lines across the middle of his notes where he had dozed off in the middle of a drawing, causing his hand to slip.

Then, stories started appearing beneath the stickmen doodles. They weren’t long, only a few lines in Kurt’s smallest handwriting, but the little conversations and scenarios made him smile. They also made Blaine smile, it turned out on the weekend after when Kurt was lamenting the fact that he was going to fail math because of Mr Stevens inability to teach to a sufficient degree one weekend. His boyfriend had listened sympathetically, and then cheered Kurt up considerably by complimenting the level of creativity his boyfriend was putting into the stories.

So, next lesson, Kurt pulled out his phone under the desk and texted Blaine the latest stickman-story, his boyfriend replying in an instant with don’t make me laugh, I’m in class too.

And that’s when a new, far more entertaining idea struck Kurt. The next lesson, he sat down in a seat on the back row and waited for Mr Stevens to get lost in his world of equations before pulling his phone out of his pocket

I’m so bored :( he texted.

Write another story?x

No, even they aren’t making me stay awake today.

Is there anything I can do to help you keep your eyes open?x

There is, but I doubt the class would like it if you wandered into my lesson and started blowing me under the desk…


What? A blowjob would definitely keep me awake. There’s no way I would be able to fall asleep if you were sucking me off.



The reply took a while in coming and Kurt almost gave up hope when his phone vibrated on his lap. I dont wanna get hard flashed up on screen and Kurt stifled a giggle.

The mere mention of you sucking me off in the middle of class is making you hard? Blaine Anderson, you are a slut.

Kuuuurt stop being mean 

You’re not denying the statement, I notice. But I don’t understand how me typing ‘blowjob’ into a text is turning you on. I would understand if I had said something along the lines of ‘I want you under my desk with your hot mouth around my dick making me go crazy’, but just ‘blowjob’?

OMG kurt shut up

Am I making you frustrated? Are you getting hard in the middle of a class room with no way of getting off? Poor baby. It’s a shame we’re not in the same year or we could do all sorts of exciting things. Not only blowjobs, but I’m sure I could find ways of slipping my hand into your pants surreptitiously and jerking you off while the rest of the class make notes.


Of course, we’d both have to pretend to take notes so as not to get caught. It would be okay for me because we both know how great I am at multitasking after all of the times I’ve fingered you while blowing you, but you always lose focus as soon as I pay any sort of attention to your dick…

this is so unfiar

Is that you saying that you would be able to concentrate enough on taking notes if I was jerking you off? Think about it Blaine. I would start by teasing you obviously, just slowly brushing your dick with the tips of my fingers before actually wrapping my hand around it, and even then I wouldn’t squeeze tightly like you like. I think I would take my time in working you closer to the edge by just paying attention to the head before really slowly making my way down.


Bell’s about to ring.

how the fuck am i meant to stand up without everyone seeing?



See you at lunch babe.

Kurt was disappointed when Blaine didn’t reply; sexually frustrated Blaine was one of his favourites to talk to because he just got so desperate. But he did accept that it was only fair his boyfriend got a few minutes to think about vaginas so he could walk to his next class without sporting a boner. (Not that Kurt wouldn’t enjoy that.)

He hadn’t taken a single note during the entire class, but the way that Blaine was waiting by his classroom door – a bag slung across the front of his of his pants awkwardly – ready to grab Kurt and pull him to the closest bathroom locking the door behind, them made it all worth it.

“You’re evil,” Blaine panted as Kurt pushed him up against a wall, their lips crashing together. They both dropped their bags onto the floor so they could wrap their arms around each other, pressing their bodies infinitesimally closer.

“Really?” Kurt asked, one hand that had been cupping Blaine’s face sliding down to cup the prominent bulge in his pants. “Am I still evil?”

Fuck, shit, Kurt,” was the only response he got. His fingers twisted the button open so he could push Blaine’s jeans midway down his thighs.

He stroked Blaine through his boxer-briefs for a few, long seconds before shoving those down as well and feasting his eyes on the sight of his boyfriend fully erect.

Do something, please,” Blaine begged, shifting uncomfortably.

Kurt smiled and kissed him, sucking his tongue into his mouth as he wrapped his hand firmly around Blaine’s dick.

“Bossy,” he whispered and Blaine only moaned in response, his hips jerking up into the tight circle of Kurt’s fingers.

Kurt would have liked to tease him a little longer, but he was very conscious of the fact that there were lessons going on right now and that the bathroom was often used as by other students a place to waste five minutes of the lesson. Despite the lack of slushie’s this year, Kurt was pretty sure the majority of the McKinley High student body wouldn’t appreciate walking in on Kurt giving his boyfriend a handjob.

So, instead, Kurt focused on all the ways he knew to make Blaine come undone in the shortest amount of time possible. He purposefully twisted his hand every time he came close to the end, aware that it felt good from the way Blaine cursed and moaned as his body shudder with pleasure, and followed the veins on the underside of the shaft with his thumb as tightened his fist moved it faster; Blaine always had liked it rough.

“More, Kurt, please,” Blaine panted. “Close. So close.”

Kurt kissed him furiously again, their tongues sliding together messily, both of them too concentrated of what was going on beneath waist-height to put any technique into it, but it was enough to push Blaine over the edge.

“Oh shit! Kurt, shit, shit, shit,” Blaine swore as he came over Kurt’s hand, small spots landing on his own shirt as his head fell back against the tiled wall behind him. His knees buckled and he would have fallen to the floor if it wasn’t for Kurt’s arm around his waist, keeping him upright.

Kurt waited for Blaine’s breathing to even out and for his eyes to open again before gesturing to his own erection, straining against the front of his jeans.

“I do believe our texts also mentioned a blowjob,” he suggested.

Blaine grinned and dropped to his knees.

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